Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Pictures!

Crazy hair baby, before his hair cut.  (Yeah we forgot to take pictures of the after.  Oops.)

More crazy hair baby, watching the Wingnuts game a few weeks ago.  He was just chillin' kicking his feet.  Pretty darn cute if you ask us.

Drawing on dad's new tablet.  It's to the point where Eric can't really draw while Elliott is awake.  If he does, it's to a chorus of  "daw, daw, daw" ("draw) requests.  (Sorry for the fuzziness.  The camera on the phone doesn't take great pictures inside in artificial light.)

And last but not least, a plethora of playing in the sprinkler pics.

In the wilds of a back yard in Wichita you will find . . . sasquatch baby!